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inspiring weekend…

I just got back form a fun weekend. I got to attend an amazing workshop in NYC with two of the best wedding photographers in the world. Joe Buissink has been an inspiration to me since I started photographing weddings a few years ago. His approach of ‘capturing moments’ is so inspiring and any time he talks I get this confirmation that this is what I want to do for a looooong time! Yervant is another amazing photographer who I only became aware of in the last year. His approach to wedding photography is very different to Joe’s but inspiring and amazing just the same. I got to meet them both and got lots of great information on how they approach their work as art. 

I also got to shoot Lindsey and Frank’s wedding way out in the middle of nowhere…Spring Grove, PA! Look it up in a map it’s somwhere in PA.  :)Pictures to come soon…..