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Free to Succeed!!!! THE TOUR COMING TO NYC!

I know there’s some of you that have asked me several questions about starting in wedding photography in person, on facebook and e-mail. Questions from workflow, to lens choices, editing, pricing, etc. So many questions and I have been so excited about sharing the little I feel I have gathered and learned myself in the last 3 years of doing this. 

So I have to let you all know about this workshop that is coming to our area (and other areas-check the website). It’s by one of my biggest inspirations and amazing guy and photographer David Jay and his crew. I got to hang out with them and attend his first Freedom and Slumber workshop in February of this year and the guys is legit, caring, giving and loves to share all he knows. 
I encourage you to sign up and go to this workshop! I will be going to the NYC one so if you are in the area and want to carpool let me know and we’ll head on over!