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woman 2011

Recently, I had the privilege of documenting a very unique event. A rites of passage ceremony for 10 women who had been through a semester long process. This was a unique vision that my good friend Dr. Amy Davis has had ever since she completed her PhD dissertation on ‘Rites of Passage for Women’.

The day of the crossing over ceremony I got the honor of not only documenting the event itself but also doing some portraits of the women. The portraits are intended to capture a snapshot of these beautiful ladies and mark this day as a day they made their affirmation of their identity as women.

An excerpt from the women’s Affirmation of Identity - “We will continue on this journey called womanhood, realizing our identity through relationship with God, self, others and creation….We will continue devoting ourselves not only to other humans, but to the world God has given to us, caring for the earth in the ways available to us, and seeking to steward the earth in a way that opens possibilities for a richer life for all.”

Amy, Wanda V, Wanda W, and Ladies – it was a real honor to be asked to witness the beginning and end of your Woman passage. I hope you all look at your photos and see a true glimpse of how beautiful you all are. Thank you for letting me into such a personal part of your journey.

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Amy -

Fantastic job, Andres. Such a pleasure to work with you!

andres -

Thanks Amy. pleasure was all mine and I really enjoyed it.

Heather -

Well done Andres! These are beautiful!