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becky and kyle . qutub minar, delhi, india

One of the greatest things about traveling is not just the unique and cool places you get to see, but even better than that its the people you meet. This has been specially true during this trip. Our lives have been enriched by the people we have met and gotten to know. What a privilege it has been to meet such gracious people. People full of life and dreams and visions for their future and the future of their children.

Meet Becky and Kyle. The story of how they came together is nothing short of incredible. Becky is from central Pennsylvania and in 2004 came to India to volunteer in a children’s home in the foothills of the Himalayas. She fell in love with the people, the mountains, the culture and came back in 2007 to work as a missionary there. A month after she got to India the second time Kyle was born. His birth mother was unable to keep him and rather than abandon him she handed him to Becky. Becky saw this as a decision between taking this baby as her own and give him a chance to live or say no and leave the child with no one to care for and probably to be left to die. She said she had so much peace about it and decided to keep Kyle as her own. It took a while to finalize all the paperwork but after months of working with courts in India the adoption was finalized and recognized in both India and the US. Now they are waiting for Immigration to process his Visa so they can go back to the US where she hopes to raise him with the love and support of her family. Becky told me that she really wants Kyle to always have an appreciation for his heritage and they will be making trips back to visit. It has been an arduous process with all the legalities and paperwork and it has taken close to 4 years since Kyle was born to process this (as of february 2012 the visa is still not approved and supposedly in the works). Here’s a recent article that expands on her story even more.

We got the chance to spend some time with both of them and of course I could not resist the desire to do a small photo session. Graciously they both agreed and we went to the incredible ruins of Qutub Minar in Delhi to do our photo shoot (I will post more on this and other incredible sites we visited in India soon). Kyle is full of amazing energy and so full of life! We started our session running and did not stop until Kyle himself said so. It was so much fun seeing him running around and exploring this place with his mom.

Becky and Kyle, we loved getting to know you both and are inspired by your story and the courage you have. We wish you an amazing life together and may you have all the wisdom, grace and love that you need to guide Mr. Kyle into the wonderful man I know he will become!

Edgar y Tere -

Que historia tan increible. El ninio es precioso! Sin duda alguna Becky tiene el corazon de Jesus! pediremos a Dios que en Su tiempo vengan los tan ansiados papeles. Tus papis

Ramesh HS -


Brilliant article explaining how Qutub Minar is considered to be one of its kind in India. This is a must see visit places. Thanks for sharing some wonderful pics..
If you are interested to know more about Qutub Minar architecture and its attractions, please go through the link provided below.