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kenya benefit shoot take 2 . rockland lake, new york

In times of need I’m always amazed at the generosity and compassion that people have for each other. We have seen that recently in this area as people from all over have stepped up to give and help families in need due to the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. We have also seen it even before the storm as everyone in these photos came with a giving heart to help orphans they have never met in a country many have never been to. In the midst of difficulties people have stepped up and given so much of themselves.

This is our second of three Kenya Benefit Shoots in support of the Rehema Children’s Home in Nairobi, Kenya. Kim, Ana Sofia and I will be traveling to Kenya this coming January to do some work with the Children’s Home there. We’ll be doing some photography work for the home, documenting the many stories of survival and hope. I (andres) grew up in Kenya and have always longed to go back and reconnect with a big part of my past and what we believe is a big part of our future in continuing our work with orphans in developing countries.

We’re so excited and grateful that so many people here in the U.S. have come out to help us in our desire to help these kids and be part of giving them a hope and a future that they can get excited about.

Thank you all for coming out and allowing us to document your families in a unique way. We’ll update you all about our trip on our blog and Facebook pages. For now here’s a preview of some of our favorite images from the day…