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our trip to kenya . nairobi, kenya

We’ve been here in Kenya for about a week now. We’ve enjoyed it so much! The majority of our time has been spent at the Rehema Children’s Home north of downtown Nairobi. This is where we’ve been dedicating our time and effort documenting life here, learning about the ins and outs of the home and hanging out and loving on some beautiful children. I’ll have more detailed posts about the home but for now here’s a little bit of life for us here.

At the guesthouse where we’re staying Ana Sofia loves spending time with Jackie. As soon as we get home she chases Jackie around everywhere barefoot. We can’t seem to get this girl to keep her shoes on!

Once we get to the home she loves to do whatever the kids do. She saw all the kids going up and down this slide and so of course she had to do it herself. Her first time down she got her feet caught up in the railing and did a 180 turn and ended up backwards on the thing! So after that the kids where showing her how to keep her feet together. A few days later she now goes up and down all by herself!

This is Philip one of the many boys here. He’s got a smile of gold and loves watching over Ana Sofia.

Ana Sofia has fit in perfectly with all the kids. They love showing her things from going down the slide to reading books. Wherever she is there is no shortage of kids around her.

Kim spends a lot of the time hanging out with the girls. There is a smaller number of girls in the home because boys are more often abandoned. So Kim makes sure to connect with the few girls that are there. They love touching and playing with kim’s soft light hair.

This is one of our favorite little guys Levi. He is 3 years old and enjoys playing with Ana Sofia.

Ana Sofia is learning the different manners they have at the home. She’s learning to take her shoes off every time she goes inside. Now putting them back when she goes outside is a whole other matter!

During meal times she has joined in with the toddlers. She tried one of their meals which in this case was a bean and potato stew with chapati (local bread). She did pretty good eating it. The little girls pictured here are Joy on her left (she was burned when she was a baby- more on her later) and Christine on the right.

Whenever Kim gets a break from Ana Sofia she loves spending time with the little ones, feeding them, changing them and just loving on them. This is 7 month old Jonathan and he is one beautiful baby boy. He is one of the two youngest babies at the home.

I can’t tell you how much fun Ana Sofia has with all the kids. The boys dominate the home and she gets along just perfectly with them.

In the midst of all the photo taking I do take a break here and there to play with the boys. I saw them pushing each other on a beat down and broken skateboard and thought they would enjoy pushing this big muzungu (white person) down the driveway.

Joseph is one of the buddies that has taken to me and follows me around everywhere. Here he’s playing with Ana Sofia in the sandpit (which looks more like a dirt pit due to the fact that they have taken out most of the sand to use for construction).

At the end of the day she is pooped and ready to go to bed. The 8 hour time zone difference also messed her up for the first 4 days. She is now caught up and sleeping through the night.

But before we put her to sleep she has to get a bath. This time the sink is the best spot for her and in true Ana Sofia style she wants to do it herself!

We will have more updates and specifically more on the Rehema Children’s Home! Stay tuned….


Lindsay Comer -

Beautiful photos Andres! Can’t wait to see more! God bless.

andres -

Thanks for paying us a visit here Lindsay!

brown -

Looks like you had an amazing time in Kenya,you are most welcome,check amazing travel books at for other amazing places to visit in Kenya.

Maegan Dougherty -

What an amazing trip. Such beautiful photos, and memories I’m sure!