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ecuador benefit shoot 2017 . rockland lake, ny

We’re happy to have hosted our 6th annual benefit shoot! this year we are raising funds to support the work of my cousin, Paola, she is a doctor working in small impoverished communities in the Ecuadorian Amazonic Jungle. She works specifically with young children, who are the most at-risk. The burden of infectious diseases coupled with a poor diet, primarily composed of yuca and plantain, causes severe malnutrition in 1 out of every 3 kids under 5. The primary work is to provide access to safe drinking water as well as treatment for diseases such as (Malaria, Chagas, Dengue) and medicine to treat scorpion and snakebite bites. The children have great need for basic provisions such as shoes, clothes & toys. The government resources are very limited and so her work has relied on private donations. 

We’re grateful to the families that came out to support this cause and get their family photos taken by us. We have some regulars that have come out every one of our 6 years doing this. It’s been beautiful to see the families grow and kids change from year to year. Check out some of our prior benefit shoots as well as the homes we’ve visited.

Here’s some of our favorites from our 2017 families…..